Monday, November 9, 2009

the rats and the exams

its now early in the morning..i just woke up..sbb kecoh2 dengar my roomates kejar2 tikus..haha..our mission tidak mengira waktu..asal nampak je tikus tu trus kejar!!
i tot there was only one little tiny rat..but last night i saw 2 different size of rats..the one dat we try to catch last night was the little one..but there is another big ol brown rat..i bet they were family..the big one is the mother and the little one is the kid..haih..dah buat populasi kat bilik aku ke?? bilik aku skang dah xde ruang2 sempit antara dinding dan almari..kitorang dah tarik..even meja study pun kitorang tarik gak..hahah..padan muke ko tikus..xde tempat nak nyorok da..

i have another exam this morning..at 8.30am..high voltage engineering..it kinda tough subject..too many theories to remember..im not into memorised bcoz my brain cannot accept it..so i read trough the notes over and over again..damn bored..how many times i got into sleep when i read the notes..it is not resistable..my eyes cannot stand to read and go through each and every words..i wish i could remember every basic theories..all the explaination i can "goreng" later..hahaha...

i will continue to read some more notes..in order to have a fresh memories of them..hopefully i wont get blank in the exam hall..the worse thing possible..hahhaa..

im staring out of my room through the window..its still dark outside there..very calm and peace..i can heard the sound of cicadas singing a wonderful rythm.. i have to start study right now..no more excuses..im done writing my blog here...

wish me luck!!

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