Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Habuk Berabuk

uh uh!! da start berabuk da blog nih.. sorry my dear blog, x sempat nak kemas.. sibuk sangat minggu nih..WAH!! dah lebih 2000 visitors rupanya..*yeay*

yeah..lots of things kena buat dalam minggu nih..this friday kena hantar draft report thesis..95% done already, but right now my report is in dr wan's hand.. she want to check for mistakes and to give some evaluation.. this thursday i will get my report back..aha!! thursday ye kengkawan..meaning i have less than 1 day to make correction and complete it..huwaa.. before friday morning i have to at least complete to print out 3 copies of the report..haiyohh..kenapa la nak banyak sangat.. 1 copy took about 3 hours to complete.. so 3 times 3 equal to 9 hours of printing..huh!! x tido malam la nampaknya..

and today, my study session is officially begun.. before this x sempat nak fokus betul2 bab stadi..next monday is my 1st paper..tapi x stadi lagi utk paper tu..huk3..hopefully everything goes well.. this is my last exam in UM..have to do well...

okeh2..xnak buang masa..nak gi study pulak..xde nak main2 dah skang.. see you in next post.. byeee...

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