Monday, November 30, 2009


wut a holiday...soooo damn bored...nearly a week since i got home (on wednesday) and i can feel the boredom-ness crawling inside me..i dont feel like watching tv or sleeping..pretty bad huh??too bored to sleep..hahahaha..

luckily today i have something to do..my brother asked me to help him to put on the mosquito net over the windows..he's very concern about his daughter, arisya.. the work begin by taking some measurements, going to hardware shop, and start to put things on..its look like very easy and simple to do it, but it was very frustating, nerves-cracking, and bla bla bla...we started at 11am, take a break and having lunch at my house on 2pm and continue to finish up the works until 6pm...what a tiring and exhausting work...

as the sun setting down, we went to AEON Seberang Prai (aka Jaya Jusco) to have some dinner..its all on my brother..hahhaa..this is the most favourite part of all..we dine at pizza hut, and we did try the pizza new promotion..i've forgotten the name but there are tempura prawns as the toping...yummie..after having diner, we did do some window shoping and then we head back home..

wut im gona do tomorrow..hopefully it wont be another boring day..huhuhu..

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