Monday, December 14, 2009

Coffee anyone??

MySpaceYesterday my brother took me to have a drink at Old Town White Coffee..he also brought his wife, his daughter and my sister along… hurm..guess what,kulim now got its own OTWC..hohoho..after pizza hut and Kulim Landmark Centre (shopping mall), it is now time for OTWC to have a branch in kulim… it is my 1st time to have a drink at OTWC …I’ve never been to any of OTWC branches before because I only go to kedai kopi tepi jalan..hahaha..

MySpaceI have mocha ice blended (forgot the name already) and a tuna sandwich.. the environment is quite pleasant since the operation is quite new and the location is not in the town..i think suppose they placed the shop at the town (because the name is old TOWN white coffee)..but its ok, far from town means less polluted environment..am I rite??..hehehe..

After having drinks at the OTWC, we went to Kulim Landmark Center bcoz arisya (my bro daughter) refused to go home… we go straight to the arcade…I had a race with my brother on Daytona, but I lost to him…cisss MySpace…we spend quite some time there because arisya don’t want to get out from that place…hohoho..She only 2 years old, but she acts like an adult…she also want to have a race..hahaha…so we just put her on the machine and let her play around with the wheel and the gear MySpace..it is enough already.. only after that she agrees to go home..hahaha…

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