Friday, December 18, 2009

Facebook Founder and Christian the Lion

this morning when i woke up, i turned on the TV..i've switched to almost every channel but i couldn't find any interesting shows..so i decided to watch Oprah on Hallmark Channel..hahaha, i couldn't believe that i watched Oprah..

Oprah invited the founder and CEO of facebook..the name is Mark Zuckerberg..i thought that he might be a middle age guy that looks like Bill Gates..but i am totally wrong!! he is just only 24 years old and he is a billionaire despite of his nerdy looking face!! woah!! i can't believe it..he's too young than i've expected..

on the interviews he said that the reason he create facebook is to make a connection between his college mates and his family...somehow facebook has developed and becomes bigger and bigger..so facebook becomes like we have been using today.. just to think of it, he must started at the age of teenagers..he must be very genius..hahaha...

later on this show, they have shown a video of Christian the lion who have been reunited with two man that raised him..i cant upload the video here, but u can search it on youtube..search for "Christian the tiger".. it just simply amazing to see the relationship and love between a lion and man although the lion have been released to the wild in africa..



Itther said...

oh!! ak ade tgk oprah yg ni gak..mark tu mmg mude..aku pun x caye..tp christian lion tu video die kan dh lame dh..aiseh..dh 40 tahun baru oprah nak panggil..lion tu dh mati kotttt!!no!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Qon said...

weh arip.....jom blk kl, lpk umah ak. ak blk kl arini. ade keje ngan lect. hoho~~