Friday, January 29, 2010

break the scale off

its been a while since my last post.. got no idea what to write down.. im quite busy this week.. with thesis (of course) and sofbol training.. not to forget all the classes and assignments.. every week got new assignment..

cant wait to hangout with my besties back.. dah lama x lepak2 skali.. everyone seems really2 busy..

i think i've gained some weights now.. my appetite goes twice big from before.. is it good or bad?? looking in a good way, i thought it was good for me.. i wanna be a little bit bigger and tougher.. its been two weeks that i've eat a lot.. waiting to be scale by the penimbang.. takotkah?? ahaha.. sangat2 neves.. i wanna see some big numbers (from before).. my previous weight was 54kg.. and i wish that it will be around 57kg.. hahaha...

tomorrow gonna be match day.. then everything will be over.. harap2 lepas ni i still will be doing some exercise.. to keep my sweat out.. a simple jogging is enuf..

okeh...got to go now.. almost lunch time.. need to have lunch early becoz of friday prayer.. until next post.. see ya!!

**hoping that tomorrow going to be lucky day..


irah_K said...

all da best arip!!!..match kul bpe wei??

arif mohamad said...

start kul 9.30pg.. ada 3 match..

ateh said...