Friday, March 19, 2010

Haiyark!! FRIDAY!!

arghhh..its already friday!!!

2 important things that i need to do.. first is the job interview with Raikon..the interview will begins at 9 in the morning..haiyoh!!so early..hope that my turn will be among the first to be call because at 11am i need to see my thesis supervisor dr. wan.. almost 3 weeks since the last time i met her.. my plan for tomorrow's meeting is to show my progress report untill the 3rd chapter..i have not completed my result analysis yet, so i think it is better for me to not showing her the remaining chapters..hahaha..

its getting late now although the time on the clock now is 1.13am which can be considered as early during the normal days..but thinking of the very important things i need to do tomorrow, so i need to have enough rest and sleep..

hopefully everything will be doing fine tomorrow..it is going to be my 2nd interview for job..please pray for me guys..

**i wanna see the hot air ballon fiesta at putrajaya..but when??

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